Hyu Kim

ChemE @ MIT.


IL, 2023 (credit: JK)

I’m a biotechnologist focused on developing instrumentation/statistical tools for human health and sustainability. During my PhD I studied how biologically fixed CO2 is processed by microbial interactions under supervision by Prof. Cullen Buie and Dr. Xavier Mayali. I am continuing the research training by Prof. Richard Braatz and Prof. Allan Myerson at MIT’s Center for Continuous mRNA Manufacturing.

Having broad interests in biomanufacturing and data analytics, I intend to leverage the expertise in realizing a sustainable environment and society.

I first got trained for the scientific discoveries at Seoul National University and previously worked for a biotech company as a Data Science intern. I was formerly a Sergeant (veteran) in Marine Corps, South Korea.

The research activities were funded by US Food and Drug Administration, US Department of Energy, PrognomiQ Inc., South Korea’s Ministry of Science and ICT, and Kwanjeong Educational Foundation.